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Carl Spaulding

Carl Spaulding

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06/24/13 03:50 PM #1    

Kevin Jacobie

Carl and I became friends around the time we were in first grade,  we had one thing in common,we shared the same affliction,  we both had an older sister.   We spent most every weekend at one or the others' house.   Many times my mom would give us a dime and we would walk to the Bluebird Store and we would split the dime and we would each by a candy bar,(remember those days when a nickel would buy a candy bar?) On our walk back as the "sugar high" kicked in, we would get into some serious conversations such as,  "who do you like in your class".    We spent several summers developing our construction skills by building a tree house.  We would scrounge some leftover wood from my dad and drag that along with a collection of tools ,  through a hay field, past my uncle's pig farm, and into the woods.   We had no idea of square, level, or plumb,  and the tree house always looked like it leaned to the left,  or maybe it was the tree that made it look that way.   We learned some importnat things about construction along the way,    a piece of wood the size of your thumb  is not going to support the weight of two boys and a few  hundred pounds of lumber.    On weekends we would enjoy watching the Smothers Brothers,   Sonny and Cher,  and the Wild Wild West,  friday nights were great TV nights!   I miss those times we shared together,  now they're just memories.

06/25/13 12:04 PM #2    

Jeanne Forsyth (May)

I remember Carl Spaulding and Kevin Jacobi by face - I'd seen them around. Boys were always a mystery to me - I'd been given the "stay away" from my three big brothers - you know "no girls allowed" stuff; so I tended to "stay away" from boys for the most part. I just loved reading Kevin's remembrance of Carl and I cried. It took me back to the Bluebird Store, and helped me remember my many trips to get candy on Saturdays after I got my 10 cent allowance. It took me back to the days of  innocence growing up in South Glens Falls.  It was a wonderfull place to grow up, and where I made the best friends for life anyone could ask for.  God bless us all.

06/25/13 06:07 PM #3    

Vicki Hazelton (Bauman)

Before Kevin disclosed his memories of Carl, I was saddened that no one had posted anything at all about him.  I do not remember Carl very well, but for some reason I remember his voice.  He was in my kindergarten class at Moreau Elementary school.  I know, because I still have my class picture.  I'm happy to know that Carl had a good friend when he was a child.  Thank you, Kevin, for letting us all share your memories of a life gone too soon.  

06/26/13 01:59 PM #4    

James Killian

Im sad and glad that Kevin J. and you others brought up Carl John Spaudings namesakes; And mine! Many years ago, Carl and Rich C. road their 10 speeds down to my Dads farm; Back when friends were friends.(REAL) Anyhow, we got high. To make a LONG story short, Carl was hit by SHS upperclassmen in a car, on his bike.SCREWED UP for the rest of his life; ( or never the same) Hung tough! This was on RT. 32. A couple 3 years later. I was in a bad accident.

Also on RT. 32. I ended up SCREWED UP more or less for the rest of my  life. Ended up being around longer than Carl. But have the memories Of after school and alot of other SHIT, long after school,(the 80s) Carl was my BEST FRIEND. Still is. We got in trouble together. Did different rehabs. Relapses! He didnt get it. I did! Still dont know why. But Im glad, Carl has more friends than me. GOD bless Carl, Pete, Alan and All the other Class of 73 went before US. Glad my brother in law Mike wont grade me on ENGLISH ! ! ! ? ? # %

06/27/13 03:06 AM #5    

Gloria Steele (Bolesh)

I was a shy kid in school, especially in Junior High.  Carl always talked to me through the years.  I was actually kind of afraid of him, he seemed a bit cynical.  I remember he said to me once, "You're really smart.  You'll never have any problems."  Not really true as life actually reveals.  But I will always remember him saying that to me.  He was always very nice to me.  I felt so bad after he'd had his accident.  I hope he is at peace now.  I hope he knows people have good memories of him.

06/28/13 12:58 PM #6    

David Calhoun

Carl was a boy scout in Troop 9 with me. Back in 1966 to 1969. I remember him very well. Our first year at scout camp he sat beside me for the troop picture. To my right in fact. Was looking at the photo just the other day. The boy beside him was Art Smith, he's gone now too and the same way. What are the odds? After 40 years you wonder how we choose the roads in life, and how we end up? Are we responsible for all the roads that we took?  The poem The Road Not Taken by Frost comes to mind. I remember Carl's wit and sarcasm very well from high school. I won't repeat any of it here :}. I'll miss seeing him.

07/19/13 03:39 PM #7    

Robert Clear

Had a lot of fun times with Carl.  He dearly loved listening to music.

Shine on you crazy diamond !

Pink Floyd

07/20/13 11:48 AM #8    

James Killian

THANK YOU CLASS OF 73 for last nite at Humbugs; Even though it was HOTTER THAN HELL!

ESPECIALLY want to THANK; Kevin J., Jeanne, Vicki, Gloria, Dave, and Bobo (the cane) for mentioning OUR old bud, "CARL SPAULDING!"

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