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12/26/23 10:14 AM #281    


Donna Winslow (Bialozor)

Happy Holiday wishes to all. May the New Year bring love, joy, peace and prosperity to all.

01/01/24 08:15 PM #282    


Keith Gilligan

No New Years resolution Danny . Just praying that it's a better year than 2023. God Bless buddy

01/02/24 04:31 PM #283    


Donna Winslow (Bialozor)

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2024 bring happiness and health to all.

01/06/24 05:33 PM #284    


John Joseph

To Danny and all my other classmates

I have a business and I'm the treasurer for my church,and I'm new to media like cell phones and computers. I'm sorry to not be able or willing to answer you at every whim of yours. I am looking forward to seeing you soon , but am not going to respond to every text.,



01/06/24 05:34 PM #285    


John Joseph

I'm sorry to hear about Mrs. Gilligan.

01/06/24 07:09 PM #286    


Keith Gilligan

Thanks John

01/07/24 02:45 PM #287    

Natalie VanGuilder (Hoeppner)

So sorry for your loss...

01/07/24 06:44 PM #288    


Craig Pratt

Danny Crossman,
Why Do you keep getting so angry.
Lots of people don't look at there e mail every 5 minutes . I hardly look at this site. Maybe a few times a month th

01/08/24 06:54 PM #289    


Keith Gilligan

Thanks Natalie

01/08/24 09:10 PM #290    


Dale Clark (Hager)

Keith...I'm so very to hear of your Mom's passing. Our Moms are so special. Dale

01/09/24 12:08 PM #291    

Vanessa Carter (Chamberlain)

Sorry to hear about yout mom, Keith. My mother is still with us (93) thankfully but almost died last December. We get so used to them "hanging on" till we (or at least I) feel like they are invincible. I have to echo what Dale said about our moms being so special.. Sorry for your loss.

01/09/24 06:04 PM #292    


Keith Gilligan

Thanks Vanessa

She was 90

01/10/24 01:04 PM #293    

Vanessa Carter (Chamberlain)

thanks for the warning

01/11/24 06:44 PM #294    


Keith Gilligan

Thanks Danny , Good thing I don't eat Girl Scout cookies

01/21/24 07:08 PM #295    


Keith Gilligan

Sure Danny . If you want to do the Birthdays great 

01/22/24 06:27 PM #296    


Hope Hewitt (Ballou)

Sorry to hear of your mom passing away. You will find yourself remembering your mom, her smile, her laughter and even her reprimanding the kids when misbehaving at different times. Just smile and feel her love, that always works for me.

02/03/24 03:37 PM #297    


Sharon/Sherry Hiter (Neble)

Danny add: Roseann Bennett & Karen Rozelle 

to your lis. 

02/04/24 11:27 AM #298    


Hope Hewitt (Ballou)

Dan, I spoke with J Moss, she lives in Kingsbury.

02/05/24 07:55 PM #299    


Keith Gilligan

Karen Rozelle lives in Gansevoort 

Her name now is Karen Rozelle Morgan 

02/28/24 11:09 AM #300    

Natalie VanGuilder (Hoeppner)

Thanks Danny!

05/28/24 02:20 PM #301    

Danny Crossman

did anyone no JIMMER LIMMER he has PASSED AWAY   HE WAS 64     alsoclassmate  DARLENE  SMITH LUCIANO  PASSED AWAY

05/29/24 07:42 AM #302    

Ellen Donohue (Marcantonio)

  Dan  I knew both   I knew hummers sister as well  it was sad to hear of Darlene's passing  



05/29/24 07:47 AM #303    

Ellen Donohue (Marcantonio)

sorry Dan it must have been  a spell check when I wrote Jimmer 

05/29/24 09:13 AM #304    


Donna Winslow (Bialozor)

Hello Danny, I did see that Jim Limmer and Darlene Smith passed away. May they Rest in Peace.

05/29/24 01:17 PM #305    


Kevin Chamberlain

I knew Jimmy but only through Skip. So sad about Darlene! If you haven't seen it, her obituary is available on the In Memoriam page.

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