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Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson

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12/27/12 03:47 PM #1    

Marilyn Dick (Shackelford)

Why now? in this public format?...Not sure except to say that I have never forgotten Pete...I was "affected" by him then and know that I am still now...he was, in my recollection, the first person who tried to literally explain the concept of romantic love to me.  He was the focus of the first romantic relationship that I remember...that said, I was only 14-15 years old and although totally justified at the time to use the word, love, I realize now, unashamedly, that at age 56, it holds a different meaning although just as powerful as my memory of "his" love declared to me.

Nonetheless, what I remember about him was his unmatchable smile, his childlike and tender demeanor wrapped up in a very energetic persona...always cognizant of right and wrong, choosing the road mostly travelled back then.  His family never forfeited their importance or status and he worshiped his older brother(s)... 

Our friendship/teenage romance ended as most do...with unanswered questions about what went wrong? when really the result is a predicatale passage that sailed along with the propulsion of time expelling us from the confines of scholl and SGF and my relocation to North Carolina.

I learned of his ultimate settling in California-somehow entwined with the 3rd party of the "three muskateers", George Nelson, and if that was incorrect, it is the last detail that I accepted as truth...

The sadness of his passing came to me in phone call, months after the fact, from someone that I love who did not realize that I "didn't know"  when she mentioned it....the silence was deafening.

Perhaps you were all looking for upbeat personal trivia...I couldn't nor wouldn't trivialize my memory of him and his impact on my life personally and those others whom I know he touched deeply with quips from the past.  I loved him.




01/05/13 11:46 AM #2    

George Nelson

Dear Marilyn Your comments about Pete are very moving. I am so ecstatic that you hold Pete so dear after all this time and at this stage of our lives. Pete made a major impact on many peoples' lives and i'm so glad you were one of them. He islooking proudly down from above, my angel. cant wait to see you......


06/19/13 06:13 PM #3    

Jill Tracy (Weidman)

Pete Dickinson, the hottie that all the girls wanted to date.  I remember Marilyn and Pete as a couple in school.  Pete was quietly interesting and kept you guessing most of the time.  I remember him with kindness.

06/28/13 03:40 PM #4    

George Nelson

This is Debbie Rhodes, I am in your reunion site by George's graciousness. I feel a bit like a member of the class of 1973, because so many of you were my friends too, and all the time I spent with George and Pete and many others during my South High years!  I feel compelled to say some words in Memoriam of Pete!

Pete was one of the sweetest, most geniune guys I knew! He was a devoted friend, and a great guy all around.  I spent a lot of time with Pete, both with George during school, after when George was at Delhi, and later when Peter and I shared a house on Cooper Street, with different roommates coming and going... Pete was my friend! We stood on the front steps of the Cooper Street house and watched the aurora borealis together, which I have never seen again!  I remember a snowy night coming home from somewhere in his black VW, when he stomped on the brakes and we glided around and around hitting into the snowbanks... I never laughed so loud!!, a Jackson Browne concert at SPAC... and many evenings and some days just hanging out at Cooper Street.. Who remembers the famous Halloween Party we had there? What a blast!!  So many good memories...

  We both loved George and a couple of different loves in Pete's life, (before Lori) Robin and Lydia, were great friends of mine too... There is something about our memories of our youth, the friends we made, the fun we had...becoming adults and the transistion we go through to get there...I think of all these times with a warm heart and a big smile on my face..and sometimes wish I could go back, just for a little while!

I will ALWAYS miss Pete, and think of what could have been if he was still thing I know is that he would still be showing us his beautiful smile and be best friends with George and me!!

07/15/13 12:47 AM #5    

Gloria Steele (Bolesh)

Pete was a very special friend to John and me.  He and John spent a lot of time together before I met John.  And in spite of the fact that I had gone to Saint Michael's school with Pete, I didn't really know him until I met John.  I was a bit shy then.  I remember he always made me feel welcome and comfortable.  We had some great adventures with him.  He was truly a loyal and good friend.  Pete was in our wedding - handsome in a tux.  John and I still talk over our memories of Pete and the way things were 'back then'.  That was 38 years ago.  Our younger son is named "Peter Michael".  We will never forget Peter Michael Dickinson.  We loved him.  Pure and simple.  Pete, we miss you.  We always will.

Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”
William Shakespeare

Gloria and John Bolesh

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