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08/21/12 02:39 PM #1    


Kevin Chamberlain

This is a "single threaded" forum, so everything is posted.  If there is interest, we can open up multiple topics separately.  Let us know!

08/22/12 09:22 AM #2    


George Nelson

I agree with Vanessa. Also font size is very difficult on iphones, perhaps that cant be helped

09/07/12 09:01 AM #3    


Dale Clark (Hager)

Hi guys!!! How's this for the eyes? I'm right there with you all (except Kevin, I understand). I love the ribbon colors---anxious to see all of you. Dale

02/06/13 08:47 AM #4    


Frank Palmer

Hello Fellow Classmates!  I hope life has been kind and generous to all of you.  I look forward to seeing everyone this summer.  I've decided to get a large face tattoo of the bulldog and ribbons, so you should have no problem identifying me.

03/16/13 11:01 PM #5    


David Calhoun

Our class of 1973 all attended 6th grade at the Spring Street School. The school is gone now and is a village park now. There were 8 classrooms with 4 per floor. I remember Mrs. Conrick was my teacher there on the second floor. Old wooden floors everywhere too. Wondering what year it was torn down?

05/17/13 07:59 PM #6    


Dan Rourke

Just a quick note to say Hi to the Reunion Committee.  I hope all is well with you.

Haven't been on the site for a while, it looks as though you've done a great job getting folks signed up.

Thank you for your efforts:)  It won't be long now.



Dan Rourke

05/18/13 12:34 PM #7    

James Killian

Danny! See you at the Humbug; And West Mt. Jimmy(killer) KIllian & Joanne. The BEST!!!!!!

05/19/13 04:37 PM #8    


Keith Gilligan

i can't wait this whole reunion thing should be really interesting . 40 years is a long time and everybody i'm sure has changed alot . maybe even mellowed out some huh ?

07/20/13 12:21 AM #9    


Craig Pratt

I just wanted to give a great big Thank You to everyone that worked so hard to put this weekend together.I had a great time tonight at Humbugs.. I got to see and visit with so many friends that I have not seen in years.. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend tonights get together

                                                        Craig Pratt

07/20/13 08:56 AM #10    


Richard Carruthers

Had a great time last night at Humbuggs,good to see all those not so familiar faces, thank god for name tags. 

                                                                                                                             Richard Carruthers.

07/21/13 06:07 PM #11    


Laura Gersten

Wonderful time and a BIG thank you to our organizers. Much appreciation for making  the "Class of 73"  reunion a success.


07/21/13 09:12 PM #12    


Donna Winslow (Bialozor)

Thank you to the Reunion Committee for a great time at West Side Grille.  It was awesome to see so many classmates some of whom I have not seen in 40 years.  Wow, what a blast.  South High Class of '73 rocks!!  Donna Winslow Bialozor

07/23/13 11:44 AM #13    


Dale Clark (Hager)

Class of '73----you are amazing people. I am so thankful to have reconnected with so many classmates. Thanks for all of your kind words and participation. It was wonderful seeing you all---fondly--Dale

07/23/13 04:07 PM #14    


Dan Rourke

Hello All from Corning, New York,

I'm still recovering from all the fun I had over the weekend:)

It was great to see all of you and attempt to catch up on what everyone has done for the last 40 years.

Many, Many thanks to the committee for your attention to detail and how well the weekend went!


Hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.


Take Care,



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