The list below is a MANUAL (that is, NOT automatic) copy of the Missing Classmates page. If someone previously "missing" registers for the class website, their name will be removed from the Missing Classmates page automatically but will remain here until someone (Kevin) removes the name. The reason for the duplication is that THIS page includes (after a dash) the name of a classmate that reports that they have been in contact with the missing person. Please continue to post any contacts made in the Message Forum.


Reed Antis - Keith Gilligan
Ralph Ball - Sherry Hiter
Barry Belair - Cheryl Belair
Catherine Bell 
Roseanne Bennett 
David Bombard 
Brian Bowen 
Jeffrey Brouillette 

Sandra Burch  - Craig Pratt
Richard Casey 
Dawn Cherry 
Carolyn Christensen 

Paul Clauss 
Wayne Clifton 

Melody Condon - Vanessa Chamberlain, Sherry Hiter
Pamela Cronquist 
Stephen Dalbey - Cheryl Bodkin
Mitchell Derway 
Bruce Ducharme 
David Eckhardt 

Valeria Farnsworth - Donna Winslow
John Giorgianni 
Brenda Griffin - Dan Cottrell
Karen Havens 
Bonnie Haxstun - Barb Green
Stephen Herman 
James Hill - Keith Gilligan
Joanne Himelrick 
Linda Hunsdon 

Curtis Hunt - Keith Gilligan
Tobi Irwin 
John Izzo 
Gail Jennings 
James Jones 
Gail Kearney 
Ralph Kennison 
Teresa LaFond - Craig Pratt, Donna Winslow
Mark Laney - Keith Gilligan
Bonnie Lawrence 
Chris MacEwan 

Thomas Meyers 
Tina Michelucci - Donna Winslow
JoAnn Moss - Hope Hewitt
Roy Moulton 
Patrick O'Leary 
Cheryl Ostrander 

Deborah Ostrander - Sherry Hiter
Sandra Parker 
Daniel Petteys - Hope Hewitt
Jeffrey Pratt - Keith Gilligan
Suzanne Provost - Donna Winslow
Candy Ramsey 
Joyce Ross 
Thomas Rotolo 

Katherine Salley - Sherry Hiter
Karen Sanders 
Janet Schmidt - Natalie Van Guilder
Andrea Shannon 
Danny Smith - Sherry Hiter
Michelle Stone - Craig Pratt
Debra Ure - Keith Gilligan
Debra VanRyzin 
Michael Varney - Donna Winslow
Gary Waddington 
Sueann Washburn 

Dolores Wendell - Donna Winslow
Mark Whiting - Donna Winslow
Diana Willard 
Gail Williams